Route Markers

SafetyGrip low level GRP route marking strips are used to identify your walkways and escape routes on decks where traditional painted lines cannot be used. A simple cost-effective method to highlight your safe access and egress around your facility.

Safety-Grip anti-slip route markers are constructed using a high strength GRP, these strips are tough and durable and offer a long lasting, highly visible option for external route marking.

Installation is achieved by using conventional mechanical fasteners or alternative adhesive base systems. We offer an extensive range of fasteners to ensure safe and secure fitment.

Safety-Grip route markers can be supplied in a combination of standard sizes, with bespoke customised applications readily available.

Key Benefits:


Safety-Grip anti-slip walkway route markers are used for highlighting walkways and escape routes allowing safe access & egress for personnel, Safety-Grip route markers are designed to be applied to various deck surfaces including most metal, wood and concrete.