Walkway Mats

Rig-Grip® Walkway Mats are manufactured using high grade custom blended urethane polymers that ensure superior chemical, tear and abrasion resistance.

Rig-Grip walkway mats are designed primarily for deck and walkway applications where there is a need for clearly visible high traction walking surfaces, their unique construction ensures they are extremely robust and durable, ensuring safe passage for employees.

Constructed using heavy duty flexible elastomer, they offer superb levels of strength and excellent chemical resistant properties. Produced to a wide range of standard and customised sizes, these mats can be tailored to meet your individual requirements.

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Walkway Mats

Rig-Grip Walkway Mats have been used to create safe and well-marked routes for access and egress in and around the worksite. Rig-Grip walkways mats are designed for quick and easy to installation using their unique dovetail joint system, this allows the mat to be fitted upon the deck without need for mechanical fastening.
As with all our Rig-Grip products these mats can be supplied in a variety of standard and bespoke sizes and colour coded to meet your site requirements