Anti-Slip Tapes

Safety-Grip Anti-slip Grip Tape is designed to cover all types of flat surfaces which can be of a variety of materials & substrates, including steel, wood, concrete and plastics. Quick and easy to install it can instantly provide a non-slip surface to walk on.

With Slips, trips and falls now the most common cause of workplace accidents it is more important than ever that your walking surfaces are slip free. SafetyGrip offer a range of grip tapes that offer quick and easy installation whilst remaining extremely durable. Safety-Grip tapes are a cost-effective solutions to ensure minimum anti-slip standards are met and maintained.

Safety-Grip anti-slip tape are designed and manufactured for industrial environments; its unique construction ensures it remains strong and robust whilst offering superb levels of grip and traction. Safety-Grip anti-slip tapes are designed to be installed directly to your existing surface with the minimum of effort. Available in a huge range of standard and bespoke sizes with an extensive colour palette to choose from.

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Safety-Grip anti-slip tapes are supplied in self-adhesive rolls and are available in a wide range of standard sizes, colour and grades. Anti-slip tape offers a quick and effective anti-slip surface to eliminate potential slipping hazards.
Safety-Grip anti-slip conformable tape is produced with a self-adhesive foil based backing, the conformable design allows it to adopt to the texture and shape of uneven surface, and as it is foil based it has no inherent memory so will not lift or rise off.
Safety-Grip handrail grip tape can be instantly applied on both external and internal handrails, It has the feel of a rubber product yet being plastic has superior dimensional stability. Due to the materials inability to retain water it prevents the surface freezing and causing discomfort for the user.