Rig Floor Matting

Rig-Grip® Mats are proven to reduce the hazards of slip, trip and falls on the Drill Floor

Rig-Grip Safety Mats are designed primarily for rig floor applications, most commonly used around the rotary table they provide superb traction and a sound footing in this notoriously hazardous area. Rig-Grip Mats can also be found on adjoining deck and setback areas and offer superb levels of traction even in the most hazardous of conditions.

Rig Floor Safety Matting

SafetyGrip Solutions is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of anti-slip matting to the energy industry. Our Rig-Grip drill floor products have been highly effective in reducing incidents of slips, trips and falls within the workplace and are especially effective during drilling operations. Our attention to quality and durability has seen Rig-Grip become the product of choice in the oilfield and is now extensively used on rigs and platforms right around the globe.

Heavy Duty / High Traction Surfaces

Designed to meet the demands of the drilling industry, Rig-Grip matting is constructed from heavy duty urethane elastomers which are uniquely moulded to incorporate our high traction non-slip studded surfaces, Rig-Grip matting is tested to meet international industry standards for fire retardancy, chemical resistance and compression testing. Whether your rig is operating in the heat of the Sahara desert or in the frozen arctic circle Rig-Grip matting will perform even in these the harshest of conditions.  Our matting can be found on 100’s of rigs operating across the globe.

Bespoke Applications

Rig-Grip safety mats are typically supplied as a bespoke application therefore can be tailored to meet the client’s exact specification. With each mat being custom moulded we can produce them in a wide range of thicknesses, sizes and colours. This can also include personalised company logo’s, rig names and safety messages embossed within the mats.

Key Features:

Key Benefits:


Rig-Grip rotary mats are commonly used around the rigs rotary table; they offer superb levels of traction in this an area which is notorious for being extremely hazardous.
Rig-Grip rotary mats are designed to be tough, durable and extremely robust, with each mat being custom made we can produce them to a variety of styles, shapes and sizes. Built to last they will handle the heaviest of workloads even in the harshest of conditions.
Rig-Grip drill floor safety matting is designed for use across your drill floor; each mat is custom moulded and incorporates our high traction studded surfaces, thus providing an excellent non-slip surface for working on.
From small localised coverage through to entire rig floor applications we design and built our matting to the customer’s exact specifications. We offer a variety of mat thickness along with bespoke colourings, safety hazard markings and company branding.
Rig-Grip Walkway Matting has been used to create safe and well-marked routes for access and egress in and around the worksite. Rig-Grip walkways mats are designed for quick and easy to installation using their unique dovetail joint system, this allows the mat to be fitted upon the deck without need for mechanical fastening.
As with all our Rig-Grip products these mats can be supplied in a variety of standard and bespoke sizes and colour coded to meet your site requirements