Anti-slip solutions for walkways & decks

SafetyGrip Solutions manufacture a wide range of anti-slip products for all types of walkways, decks and general working areas. Our high traction surfaces will provide personnel with increased levels of safety whilst they go about their business. You can count on Safety-Grip to improve level s of grip and help reduce dangerous occurrences of slips, trips and falls.

Reduce workplace slips, trips and falls

With so many types of floor surfaces out there – and with each posing their own particular hazard, it is vital to find and choose the correct anti-slip surface. SafetyGrip have developed a range of sheeting and tiles that offer quick and easy installation whilst remaining extremely tough and durable. Designed for harsh industrial environments Safety-Grip products will remain strong and robust long after they are fitted

Tough & Durable

Safety-Grip anti-slip walkway & deck tiles are designed to be installed (retro-fitted) directly to your existing floor surface using a variety of conventional fixing methods, Safety-Grip is available in a huge range of standard and bespoke applications and can be offered with multiple surface grades, colour options and safety hazard markings.