Anti-slip solutions for your stairs

SafetyGrip Solutions is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of anti-slip safety products, we continue to provide our customers with a wide range of anti-slip solutions for all types of steps and stairwells; it has been proven time and again that once installed Safety-Grip anti-slip stair treads can greatly reduce the risks of slips, trips and falls around the workplace.

Reduce workplace slips, trips and falls

The leading edge of steps can quickly leaving a smooth slippery surface, add in the effect of oil, grease or mud and very quickly you’ll find you have created a hazardous situation. Quick and easy to install these high traction treads will greatly improve the level of grip resulting in increased levels of safety for your personnel.

Tough & Durable

Safety-Grip anti-slip treads are designed and manufactured for harsh industrial environments; their unique construction ensures they remain strong and robust whilst offering superb levels of grip and traction. Safety-Grip anti-slip stair treads are designed to be installed (retro-fitted) directly to your existing stairs. Safety-Grip is available in a huge range of standard and bespoke applications with multiple high traction surface option and an extensive colours to choose from.