Anti-slip tape solutions

SafetyGrip Solutions is a leading supplier of anti-slip tapes and associated safety products, Safety-Grip tape is designed to cover all types of surfaces which can be of a variety of materials & substrates, including steel, wood, concrete and plastics. Quick and easy to install it can instantly provide a non-slip surface to walk or work upon, it can also be used to provide anti-slip on handrail systems.

Reduce workplace slips, trips and falls

Slips, trip and falls are now the most common cause of workplace accidents. With so many types of surfaces out there – and with each posing their own particular hazard, it is important to ensure anti-slip is applied to all surfaces that pose as a potential slip hazard. SafetyGrip have introduced a range of grip tapes that offer quick and easy installation whilst remaining extremely durable. SafetyGrip tapes are a cost effective solution to ensure minimum anti-slip standards are met and maintained.

Tough & Durable

Safety-Grip anti-slip tape are designed and manufactured for industrial environments; its unique construction ensures it remains strong and robust whilst offering superb levels of grip and traction. Safety-Grip anti-slip tapes are designed to be installed directly to your existing surface with the minimum of effort. Safety-Grip anti-slip tape is available in a huge range of standard and bespoke sizes with an extensive colour pallet to choose from.