Setback Matting

Rig-Grip setback matting is most commonly used on a rigs pipe rack or pipe setback area, Rig-Grip setback matting can help protect your threaded tubulars which in turn can enhance pipe handling capabilities and reduce tripping time, they can also greatly reduce the effect of ‘walking stands’ by ensuring adequate friction to prevent pipe movement. Manufactured using high density polymers; they are designed to accommodate heavy tubulars including drill pipe, collars and casing.

SafetyGrip Solutions is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of safety matting to the energy industry. Our Rig-Grip® matting has been highly effective in reducing slips, trips and fall within the workplace and has proven to be highly effective during drilling operations. Our attention to quality and durability has seen Rig-Grip become the product of choice in the oilfield and is now extensively used on rigs and platforms right around the globe.

Heavy Duty / High Traction Surfaces

Designed to meet the demands of the drilling industry, Rig-Grip matting is constructed from heavy duty urethane elastomers which are uniquely moulded to incorporate our high traction non-slip surfaces; each mat is tested to meet international industry standards for fire retardancy, chemical resistance and compression testing.
Rig-Grip safety mats are each custom moulded to meet our customer exact specifications and can be produced in a wide range of styles, thicknesses, sizes and colours for various rig applications.

Bespoke Applications

Rig-Grip safety mats are typically supplied as a bespoke application therefore can be tailored to meet the client’s exact specification. With each mat being custom moulded we can produce them in a wide range of thicknesses, sizes and colours. This can also include personalised company logos, rig names and safety messages embossed within the mats.