Cargo Decks

Cargo-Grip landing pads are designed to offer a dedicated cargo landing area / zones for heavy marine cargo. These pads will offer protection to both cargo and deck surfaces thus ensuring the integrity of painted treated surfaces. Each pad is constructed from heavy duty polyurethane which offers excellent impact resistance and durable to repeated cargo movements.

SafetyGrip Solutions is a leading manufacturer Cargo dunnage matting to the energy and maritime industry. Our range Cargo-Grip products have been highly effective in reducing maintenance cost for operators whilst also improving levels of safety across their operations. Cargo-Grip products can be supplied in a number of standard sizes and colours, they can also be produced for bespoke applications.

Heavy Duty / High Strength Surfaces

Designed to meet the demands of the marine environment, Cargo-Grip dunnage matting is constructed using blended polyurethane elastomers which are uniquely moulded to offer high strength and long lasting durability, Cargo-Grip mats are tested to meet international industry standards for fire retardency, chemical resistance and compression testing.